First Bank of the United States of America


First Bank of the United States Restoration Project

The First Bank of the United States is one of the most important landmarks of the founding period of our country. It is the icon of the United States’ financial foundation, just as Independence Hall is the icon of the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.


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“It is with special delight that I write to you to endorse the campaign underway to restore the First Bank of the United States in Philadelphia.”



Sitting two blocks from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, it is the oldest surviving federal building (1796). Suggested by Alexander Hamilton and endorsed by President Washington, the First Bank replaced the individual states’ currencies with one national currency and was the basis for paying back the nation’s substantial revolutionary war debt. It stabilized the economy and established the nation’s credit, which laid the foundation for the United States’ economic future and enabled the USA to be seen as a strong nation in the eyes of other countries. Controversial among those championing states’ rights, its charter lapsed in 1811.


Today, this National Historic Landmark, which anchored the new United States’ financial system, remains closed to the public. Please join Independence Historical Trust (INHT) and their innovative project to help Independence National Historical Park (INHP) reopen this extraordinary building and celebrate its singular place in American history.


Now is the perfect time to honor the First Bank of the United States and its creators, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and President George Washington, for their roles in establishing the foundation of our nation’s successful economy. We invite you to be part of bringing this magnificent building and its fascinating history to generations of visitors.


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Photo Credit: City of Philadelphia

Images of the First Bank of the United States from the 1960’s and today.

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