Completed Projects

Conservation of the William Penn Portrait – completed


The William Penn Portrait Conservation was funded through the Vanguard Hometown Grants program.

The portrait of William Penn was executed by Henry Inman in 1832. Inman won an 1826 commission for the portrait by the Commemoration of the Landing of William Penn.  Penn supported freedom of religion and was the founder of Pennsylvania. Housed in the Second Bank of the United States portrait collections, this portrait sustained water damage due to a leaking HVAC unit in 2019.


On Monday, October 14, 2019, Independence National Historical Park and the Trust invited the public to celebrate Penn’s birthday by seeing conservation in work. The conservation work was completed by Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services, Inc.

The Project

During the conservation process, the canvase and frame were cleaned and the paint on the frame was retouched.

About Vanguard Hometown Grants Program


Vanguard Hometown Grants Program provides community grants to nonprofit agencies in the communities near and around where Vanguard operates.  Funded by the Vanguard Group Foundation, the program is run by local Investment Committees made up of crew (employee) volunteers, who select and vet the giving strategies.  Vanguard Hometown Grants program currently operates out of Vanguard’s Greater Philadelphia, Great Charlotte, and Greater Phoenix offices.